Monday, 18 May 2009

10 Worst Celebrity Surgery Mishaps

Celebrities in the limelight turn to plastic surgery to keep them looking young and beautiful.  Unfortunately, for these TEN celebrities, they discovered what happens when their plastic surgeries go drastically wrong: 

1) Joan Rivers – Frozen Face

She’s still one of America’s funniest comedians, but Rivers’ multiple cosmetic surgeries have left her with a permanently frozen expression – and that’s no laughing matter. 

2) Donatella Versace – Queen of the Freak Show

Donatella’s gone from Queen of Fashion to Queen of the Freaks with her botched facelift.  Sadly after all the surgeries, she ended up looking like the cat-walked right over her.


3)  Tara Reid – Just Unlucky (Twice)

Actress Tara Reid was looking for a six-pack when her liposuction went disastrously wrong, leaving her with the wrinkly stomach of a pensioner.  To add insult to injury, she underwent substandard breast augmentation that she herself described as the ‘ugliest boobs in the world’.


4) Hilary Duff – Why the Long Face?

Pretty Hilary Duff doesn’t look like someone that needs surgery, but that didn’t stop her from undergoing a failed cosmetic dentistry procedure that’s given her an expression straight from the horse’s mouth.


5) Vivica A. Fox – Wonky

Kill Bill actress Vivica really was A Fox until her wonky boob job left her deflated.  Poorly fitted implants have given her an odd-shaped cleavage, not the look she was going for.


6) Michael Jackson – The Man in the Mirror

Whacko Jacko has always made a spectacle out of himself, but his well-publicised surgeries have taken him from cute singing dream to botched surgery nightmare.  The one time Prince of Pop is now little more than the King of Freaks.


7) Janet Jackson – Bumper Botch

Like brother, like sister – Janet Jackson’s nightmare boob job resulted in grossly misshapen breasts that need a mechanic to hammer out the dents!


8)  Priscilla Presley`

The one-time wife of Elvis fell foul of a bogus plastic surgeon that injected her in the face with industrial silicon that body shops use to lubricate car parts!  He went to jail for 18 months, she got a frozen face for life.


9) Leslie Ash – Trout Pout

Leslie Ash was an attractive actress and former fashion model until surgery on her lips left her with a trout pout, and made her the laughing stock of the British Media.


10) Jocelyn Wildenstein – Cat Woman

The truth behind Jocelyn’s ridiculous surgeries may never be known, but one report claims that she has tried to make herself look more like the exotic wild cats that her husband admires.  It’s alleged that she’s spent over $4 million on various surgeries, perhaps she should ask for a refund…

So how to avoid these celebrity mishaps?

Non-invasive options like VASER Lipo are a safe alternative to plastic surgery.  VASER Lipo involves no surgery and due to its use of ultrasound technology involves little bruising and swelling.  Under skilful application by a highly qualified and experienced doctor, you can experience the benefits of liposuction without the pain and potential mishaps of surgery.  


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