Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Danni Minogue: Botox helped me through my sister's cancer

We've talked in the past about Botox helping depression (although the study of this is still in its early stages), so it was interesting to read Dannii Minogue's account in many of the online newspapers over the last few days of how she turned to Botox when the stress of her sister Kylie's cancer battle got too much.

Ms Minogue has decided to turn her back on Botox for now, but seems certain that it helped her to get through the strain of both her sister's cancer, and the death of her best friend.

"My sister was sick, then my best friend died soon after - I felt I'd been hit by a wave. I couldn't deal with the stress. I couldn't deal with having to look at my face," Dannii explains. "It was a personal thing of having to get through a lot of sadness."

In the past we've quoted a study on Botox and depression:

“The basic principle is that there is feedback from the body to the brain so the brain always knows what the body is doing,” said Marc Axel Wollmer, the psychiatrist in charge of the trials being held jointly at Basle University, Switzerland, and Hanover University, Germany.

“If we have an emotion like joy or grief we also have a facial expression that corresponds,” he said. “Studies indicate that if we deliberately produce a facial expression, there is a change in feeling.”

So can botox help combat depression? It's early days in the studies and research, but be sure that as soon as there's a definitive answer, we'll let you know!

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